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Founded in 1973, the iLokavat Group has come a long way from a single product importer of meat to Iran.

Today, the Group has its headquarters in Tehran, Iran and has spread its presence across the globe from Europe to China, doing business in a variety of sectors from manufacturing to distribution.

The commitment to quality has been consistent from the time iLokavat was a 2-member team and the same commitment continues to guide the marketing and strategic management even today as an extended family.

Success. A magical word, Inspirational, Contagious, Ambitious and Colorful. Success begets success. But at the same time, at iLokavat, we believe that there are no short cuts to success, to be a leader in your chosen field. iLokavat Group has adopted the path of hard work and discipline to ensure sustained growth. Backed by our focus on quality, this approach has generated remarkable dividends for the company. This is also reflected in the healthy rate of growth recorded by each organization within the Group. In 4 decades, iLokavat has grown from a single office organization to 7 companies spread over Iran. The group portfolio currently consists of companies that focus on Trading, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion, Financing, Pharmaceutical, Animal Feed, Poultry Farming, Water Manufacturing, Frozen and Fresh Meat, Corn, Rice, Coffee to name a few.

iLokavat Group has a range of companies that serve a broad cross-section of industries not only in the Middle East region but also on a global scale. 

The iLokavat Group has earned itself a solid reputation both locally and internationally due to the vision of its Chairman, Mr. Ali Tavakoli Kesheh.

Our Commitment

The group today employs a large workforce across various sectors offering opportunities for professional growth and superior services for managing the trade industry serving both the domestic and international markets.

iLokavat Group offers independent services to clients (public, private and municipal companies and organizations) to assist in achieving their goals and for the group to be recognized as one of the leading companies in Iran servicing its various sectors.

iLokavat Group believes in creating lasting partnerships with corporations, entrepreneurs and management teams who have the same drive to succeed. We intend to become globally competitive when it comes to providing services, experience, knowledge, wide connections and a team approach in every venture we take on; and, over time, be able to provide various sectors with the expertise required.
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